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FTSs Temp. Control voor 14 gal Fermenter

€ 280,00


FTSs Temperature Control for Fermenter 14 Gal. Fermentation Temp Stabilization System (FTSs) Chill from 0.5-2 degrees F per minute*


This kit includes:

  • Custom lid w/ 304 Ss single immersion chiller coil
  • 304 Ss weldless lid mounted thermowell
  • Digital temperature controller (C and F Display)
  • Accurately monitor/control temps
  • Pro grade submersible pump
  • Included vinyl tubing
  • 110-240V power supply (global use)
  • Tailored neoprene insulation jacket!


Chill your beer in the summer and warm your beer in the winter. Use a chill water source when it's hot or warmed water if it's cold! And move hot wort from your brew kettle and go for one stop chilling in your fermenter.


As soon as your wort is ready for transfer from your brew kettle, just move it over to one of the Ss fermenters and then take advantage of the FTSs chiller coil to bring down to pitching temps.


Temperature control during fermentation is one of the most significant contributors to the flavor of our beers, yet it all too often gets overlooked.


The Fermentation Temperature Stabilization System (FTSs) is the result of applying the science of thermodynamics. The system is elegant and engineered, yet it stays true to the heart and soul of home brewers. The FTSs uses a precision digital temperature controller in combination with a 304 stainless steel immersion chiller.


The digital controller constantly monitors the tempature of the beer and will activate the circulation pump to hold the fermentation temperature at your predetermined set point. Possibility to crash cold or lager the beer with this system. You supply the chill water source, which can be as simple as ice water in a cooler or as involved as glycol from a chiller’s reservoir.